4 Reasons Why You Have Bad Breath

Bad breath is simply a major turn off and it is also a common problem among adults. It can be categorized into persistent and transient types. Persistent bad breath can be treated once a thorough diagnosis is done, while transient bad breath is only a temporary problem so you can easily get rid of the odor by rinsing or brushing your teeth. You may have experienced bad breath at some point or the other and know how embarrassing, uncomfortable and unprofessional it can be. Knowing the root cause of your bad breath and how it can be avoided or treated are effective ways of battling bad breath.

1. Poor Oral Hygiene

When you have poor oral hygiene, you can expect bad breath as a result of the accumulation of food particles slowly decaying in your mouth. This is because bacteria grows and releases hydrogen sulphide which produces bad breath. Plaque is also left behind by the bacteria on your teeth that can lead to cavities and tooth decay. The more cavities in your teeth, the more tooth decay can be expected. Brushing your teeth is essential each day after meals and you can also floss or rinse with mouth wash whenever needed to prevent bacteria growth. However, when all fails, seeking oral care from a reliable dentist is always the best option to take.

2. Food That Can Make You Smell

Sometimes, the most tasty, attractive, healthy and common food products can make you smell too. This is caused by the volatile oils in the food which can lead to bad breath and even strong body odor. These oils are so pungent that they can get absorbed into the blood stream as digestion occurs. The pungent smell is then transferred into the air from the lungs when breathing. Garlic, onions and spices are some food items that can lead to body odor and bad breath which can stick around for a few days. Eating such food products in moderation can help battle such odors and brushing your teeth after meals can help you a lot too. A consistent consumption of fluids can also help get rid of the odor in your system.

3. Smoking And Drinking Habits

If you think that smoking and drinking have nothing to do with bad breath, then you are mistaken. These habits can easily dry up the mouth causing bad breath. This is due to the tar being deposited in the teeth when smoking and the digestive problems caused by alcohol. Getting rid of these habits is the best way to gradually stop bad breath.

4. Nose, Throat And Other Problems

Even when a foreign body is stuck in the cavity of your nose, bad breath can occur. The same goes if you have a sinus infection, since the discharge produced by the sinuses produces a bad odor. In such cases professional help from a reputable dentist is required. Cancers can lead to bad breath and this includes kidney or liver failure, including dehydration or constipation. Diagnosis from a dentist can help determine the problem and a specializing doctor is often recommended by the dentist. Once the problem is treated, your bad breath will also be treated.

The best way to get rid of bad breath both temporarily and permanently is to have good oral hygiene. Staying hydrated is also a great way to keep your mouth clean and bacteria free. If you are uncertain about the cause of your bad breath, you can always schedule a dentist appointment to determine the problem right away.