Our staff

Our team of acupuncturists

Demetra Markis, L.Ac.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for over a decade, but I’m from New York, and apparently it shows! I come from a family with some members who have had very troubling illnesses, and I found my way to acupuncture in trying to figure out how to help. My father’s illness cost him his small business, his savings, his house, and ultimately his life. I viscerally believe that healthcare should never, ever be limited to those few with money to spare. I see every day how the practice of affordable, community acupuncture can honestly heal the world. I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to do everything I can to make this gentle, powerful community medicine available to everyone.

In my free time I can usually be found wandering the library stacks, enjoying my husband’s craft beer, admiring my daughter’s artwork, or playing music.

Tanja Dehne, L.Ac.

I’m a first-generation American (Norwegian mom, German dad), a Bay Area native, and have been living in San Francisco now for about 12 years. I spent summers as a kid hanging out with my relatives in Norway, and seeing how things work over there informed my beliefs about what health care should and can be, ultimately, available for everyone.

While studying Chinese Medicine at ACTCM here in San Francisco, I had an opportunity to intern at their ear clinic. That was my first introduction into the environment of community healing and I loved it. I loved the variety of people I got to work with, and at the risk of sounding too new-agey, I loved the palpable sense of positive energy that filled the room with so many people working towards the common goal of feeling better. I feel passionate about acupuncture being accessible for everyone, as well as daily gratitude to be a part of the community acupuncture movement.

Outside of work I love spending time outdoors (particularly exploring the awesome natural beauty of California’s coastal areas), dining out, watching films, connecting with friends and experimenting with photography.

Molly Hanson, L.Ac.

I’m a native San Franciscan and have been working in the community acupuncture setting for two years. My training was at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and have spent time volunteering at the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic and Project Homeless Connect, providing compassionate acupuncture treatments for many in the Bay Area.

Growing up in the Bay Area, I was fortunate enough to receive acupuncture treatments since I was 16; and because I do believe that health care should be accessible and affordable, I feel very lucky to be able to give the same care and treatment back to the community. Having worked in the service industry for years, I’ve seen too many people stay sick for longer than they should because of a lack of insurance, money or even time. Community acupuncture is an amazing way to help a large population get healthy and stay healthy.

In my spare time, I like to catch up with friends, go out dancing, walk around the city and am always up for a trivia night.

EunEun Hye Kim, L.Ac.

My roots are in Changpari, South Korea but I was raised in the Pacific Northwest of Oregon, birthplace of the community acupuncture movement! I received my first acupuncture treatment in the early 90′s and I was awakened to how important and transformative this medicine is. The price tag, however, made acupuncture an utter luxury. Enter community acupuncture and many doors to access have finally been opened! This is my life’s work and I want to be able to share this brilliant medicine with as many people as possible.
I trained at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and worked at a busy private clinic before joining the YBCA team. I practice Longfist kungfu, play fetch with my manx kitty, and love exploring the beauty of California’s outdoors with my family. I’m also a new mom which I’m finding is a new adventure every day!

Jorlyne Garcia Orallo, L.Ac.

I was born in the Bay Area & grew up in South San Francisco. As a young adult, I always knew I wanted to do something in the medical field but didn’t know what. I was introduced to acupuncture because my older sister had been trying to get pregnant for two years. She then turned to acupuncture & with consistent treatments and a change in her diet she became pregnant within a year. She now has two happy & healthy young girls.

After graduating from Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, I worked in a private practice for a year before I took a break when I had my son. Now, back at work, I feel extremely fortunate to have found community acupuncture. I love working with a variety of people and playing a role in providing affordable healthcare. Having experienced both working in a private practice and community acupuncture, I feel it is far more rewarding to be a part of the community acupuncture movement. As I look at the patients resting peacefully in the clinic, I feel lucky that I get to do what I do.

When not at YBCA, I’m usually chasing my young sons around. I enjoy spending time with my family and our two dogs, watching basketball, and reading.

Our office staff
WilmaRoz Wilma Goodyear and Roz Fong, Office Coordinators.

These wonderful women keep our office organized and provide an enormous amount of support to our acupuncturists- we couldn’t do it without them!

Interested in joining us?

Interested in being involved in our clinic? We are always looking for folks that want to help out at the front desk. There is also information below for acupuncturists.

For Front Desk Help

Do you like to do fun things like answer phones, schedule appointments, and greet people with a smile?

Then we would love to have you! Yerba Buena Community Acupuncture often has some regular volunteer shifts for front-desk coverage. Each shift is 4.5 hours long with a weekly commitment.

Volunteering is an amazing opportunity to connect with the community, help spread the community acupuncture revolution, and get lots of acupuncture! You may also find yourself with lots of new friends in the neighborhood!
If you are interested, ask for a Volunteer Info Sheet at the front desk, or send an email with the subject line “Interested in the Front Desk” to yerbabuenaacupuncture at gmail dot com.

Include a brief note telling about any related experience and skills, and what days and times you are available, and we’ll get back in touch with you about the details.

For Acupuncturists

Our clinic is dedicated to full-time community acupuncture. All of our staff members have undergone training specific to the practice of community acupuncture, as well as onsite training in the clinic. We aim to provide a consistent treatment experience for all of our patients, and work collectively to develop clinic-wide treatment protocols on an ongoing basis. Our practitioners expect to treat 75-150 people each week and maintain rigorous standards of care with each and every person. Most acupuncture shifts average 15-25 patients over a four-hour period, though some may see up to 10-12 people an hour.

We are currently fully staffed and not seeking any new practitioners. However, if you are committed to the practice of community acupuncture and would like to be considered for a position with us in the future as either a substitute or staff member, we suggest that you make an appointment to come on in for a few treatments and learn about what we do from that end first.